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Family As Idol In Conservative Christianity

April 6, 2009


Family As Idol In Conservative Christianity By Queerbrit The one thing I have never understood, is why conservative Christians always start with the nuclear family as the building block of a Christianised society.  Further, that faith in practice must essentially protect traditional interpretations of gender roles.  Where did this all come from?  It certainly did […]

Queer Re-Emerging

February 3, 2009


Queer Re-Emerging By Tony Hoshaw of Queer Messages Diana Butler-Bass, while lecturing at McCormick Days 2008, offered a term I feel applies to certain trends in the Church: re-emerging. Among those realities re-emerging in our day is the “queer” nature of the Christian tradition. The first step to recovery, so to speak, is admitting the […]

Ted Haggard’s Conflict

January 31, 2009


Ted Haggard’s Conflict By Adele Sakler Even though i do not always agree with Andrew Sullivan, i still love his writing and perspective. He often challenges me, which is a good thing, even if i don’t rightly admit it! Today i found a beautiful commentary by him on the Ted Haggard saga and really resonated […]

Further Thoughts

January 24, 2009


As this blog is developing and i am processing incoming comments, which have ranged from the sublime to the downright mean-spirited, i am inclined to say this. i alone started this blog as a safe space for those Christians who are from the LGBTQ community who want to discuss our faith in an emerging church […]

A chat with @existentialpunk

January 15, 2009


This is re-posted here with permission from Jonathan D. Blundell, who blogs at Stranger in a Strange Land. Jonathan originally just had some questions as a way of starting a conversation with me and an attempt to get to know me better. We met on Twitter and instantly connected. Jonathan states on his blog his […]

Queermergent Ethos

January 15, 2009


i am very new to Word Press and not sure why a link to the About Page, which i call Ethos, is not a showing up on the main page. So i am including it here: Why and What is Queermergent? Queermergent  is a play on the words Queer and Emergent. Queermergent is a place […]

Why Queermergent?

January 15, 2009


My name is Adele and i blog at Existential Punk. i have been a part of the Emergent conversation both in the UK and the USA for the past 10 or so years. After years of white-knuckling and repressing my sexuality through a Religious Right conservatism, charismatic, fundamentalist Christianity that lived by literal interpretations of […]