Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 6: ‘Is There Any Gray Here?’

Posted on August 30, 2011


Peter says, ‘In this segment, Adele is INCREDIBLY patient and tolerant with me as I dig into possibilities of gray area in a subject that is so deeply personal to her.
Please understand that I would NOT ask these questions in casual conversation with someone who didn’t already have some relational foundation with me. It’s easy for “outsiders” to try to talk “objectively,” and I’m often guilty of that. For oppressed and marginalized people, objectivity is a luxury few can afford.

Adele’s willingness to humor me in grappling with such sensitive material is a gift, as I work to reconcile my own relational dynamics with friends on both poles of the theological and social spectrum. I can’t overstate the caution and humility in which I want to approach this particular subject matter. Thanks Adele!’