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Queer In Africa

November 24, 2009


i’d like to thank Marius Brand, a wonderful ally to our community, who brought this to my attention. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Press Statement from 1st African Dialogue on Sexuality and Christian Faith Hosted by Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM) in partnership with The Rainbow Project (TRP) of Namibia from 2-5 November 2009, Stellenbosch The past few days […]

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

November 20, 2009


HT to Straight, Not Narrow for reminding me about it being Transgender Day Of Remembrance TODAY! Let’s remember our Trans brothers and sisters! They are an integral part of our community. Adele _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the International Transgender Day of Rememberance web site. Click on the link for more information. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was […]

Lisa Larges’ Scruples

November 16, 2009


If you have not already heard, Lisa Larges, an openly gay woman, was FINALLY ordained approved for  ordination in San Francisco in the Presbyterian Church after 20 years. Afterward, a woman, who disagrees with her ordination, received enough signatures that can delay her actual ordination another 18 months. WHY anyone puts up with this shit […]

Stone Throwers anyone? reflections on queers suffering persecution within Christianity

November 9, 2009


Stone Throwers anyone? reflections on queers suffering persecution within Christianity BY Erika Gisela Abad What if…God knows our needs and knows all about the injustices queer people suffer, but won’t do anything until we start praying earnestly about it? A former roommate from my co-op days, often said that God is in the struggle, considering […]

Camp Courage Sacramento

November 6, 2009


Saddened and angry about the anti-equalitty vote in Maine on Tuesday but excited about the progress we made in Kalamazoo and Washington state, i am REALLY excited to be participating in the following grassroots training this weekend. i really want to be an active participant in seeing marriage equality restored in California. If you are […]

Christianity 21 Roundup: a few thoughts from backstage

November 3, 2009


Christianity 21 Roundup: a few thoughts from backstage BY Rachel Swan ___________________________________________________________________________ This post appeared originally at Rachel’s blog, The Sweet Bi and Bi, on October 17, 2009 and has been cross-posted here with Rachel’s permission. ___________________________________________________________________________ Last week in an unlikely place of beauty—Edina, MN, known for its wealth and whiteness—a whole bunch of […]