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Posted on January 15, 2009


This is re-posted here with permission from Jonathan D. Blundell, who blogs at Stranger in a Strange Land. Jonathan originally just had some questions as a way of starting a conversation with me and an attempt to get to know me better. We met on Twitter and instantly connected.

Jonathan states on his blog his creed as:

imagine if suddenly…
rather than seeking revenge, you sought reconciliation
rather than repaying violence with violence, you sought creative transforming nonviolent alternatives
rather than focusing on external conformity to moral codes, you were internally transformed by love
rather than loving insiders and hating outsiders, you welcomed outsiders into a new “us” and “we”
rather than anxiety about money or security or pleasure, you trusted ourselves to the care of God
rather than living for wealth, you lived for God who loves all people, including our enemies
rather than hating our enemies and competitors, you loved them and did unto them not as they have done unto you – or before they do unto you – but as you wish they would do for you

Here’s the post:

I had a great chat with @existentialpunk today (aka Adele) via direct messages on Twitter. I approached her via DM about the chat and I think we were both a little confused on whether we would continue on DM or on the public site. Either way we were asked later about our conversation and she agreed to allow me to share it on my blog.

I’ve had a great time getting to know Adele and this was just another step in that direction.

She describes herself on her blog like so::

My name is Adele and “i am thomas, doubter. i am judas, betrayer. i am nicodemus, reluctant in the night. i am st. john of the cross, soul darkened by love. i am a christian. i am not.” i am also “lost, wicked, and depraved but redeemed by the grace and beauty of God.”

i am a traveler who currently resides in Richmond, VA with my partner and love of my life, Katryna, and our two dawgs, Lady Dalmation, and Mushu, our Tibetan Spaniel. i am currently going through long-term treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease, other tick borne diseases, and heavy metal toxicity.

You’ll also realize quickly that she’s homosexual and not ashamed to admit that or that she’s a very proud Christian as well. Some may see that as an impossible match, others will appreciate the honesty. Some will agree with one of us, others may not agree with either of us. Either way, I hope you’ll take a little time to read the conversation below and get to know and understand her and others a bit better.

As one final note, this of course was copied from a conversation from Twitter – which of course means each response was limited to 140-characters and some messages crossed paths as well. So while it may look lengthy, there’s probably not much that’s very profound, but I hope its a starting point for our conversation to continue and for others to begin.

Jdblundell: id love to talk more about your ideas via twitter replies (public). we’ll disagree on things im sure about
JB: but id like a better understanding and hopefully find a stronger common ground about
ExistentialPunk: that would be fantastic. i don’t mind disagreements as long as their is kindness and respect. i suspect that from you! )
JB: i’d hope they all come in grace and kindness and if not – call me on it!
EP: Thnx for expressing this to me! )
EP: i will as you do the same for me!
JB: do you believe that all homosexuals are born as homosexuals? do some choose to live that way?
EP: i believe both born and environmental. i do not believe we choose anymore than u choose to be straight!
JB: well that’s not a public reply -) would you prefer dm?
EP: i replied i thought dm. sorry. i am an open book so either is ok with me.
JB: yeah you replied via Direct Message. which is fine with me. can you expound on “environmental”.
EP: environmental i mean having a safe and supportive environment to come out. i did not for many years and finallly did!
JB: so folks can’t don’t choose to be one way or the other?
EP: i do not believe that. i believe also we live on a kinsey scale and sexuality can be fluid. 1 person can be totally straight, 1 can b gay
EP: and others can fall in the middle. 1 can be attracted to either sex. It. for me, is about relationship and how we love.
JB: makes sense. i can understand that view. not sure im there yet (agree totaly) but i understand it.
JB: my command regardless is to love all as Christ as loved me. what response do you have 4 Xians who say your ignoring Scripture?
EP: i say they cherry pick as well and misinterpret scripture by not giving heed to historical & cultural contexts. Usually we go in circles.
EP: i come to a place of agreeing to disagree. All have a right to their opinions/beliefs. If someone will be mean or hurtful to me i stop
EP: stop talking to them cuz i just get mad and hurt. Not healthy. Open dialogue like we r having is great. It took me a long time to get here & EP: i have yet to arrive. i hold my beliefs loosely in that i could be wrong but this is how i am living cuz 4 so long i did not live. i amhappy
JB: i can c that. find it interesting that folks used to say u were born gay as a way to dismiss – now they say you choose as way to dismiss
EP: peeps like to twist things to their pov! i think as humans we all do this!
EP: peeps don’t have to agree with me. i just want to b treated fairly, equally, and with love. Isn’t that what Jesus is all
JB: agreed. im very careful to ever claim to understand God fully or know him totally. this podcast was helpful :: http://ck83d.th8.us
JB: and i think its totally different when you put a name and a face to any issue. hard to dismiss the homeless when you know one of them about
JB: hard to dismiss illegal immigrants when you know one of them. hard to dismiss LGBT when you know one of them.
EP: Pete Rollins is a very good friend of mine. i will give this a listen later!
EP: ooops, not the podcast with Pete Rollins you meant. i will listen to BOTH! )
EP: Give me some history b4 i listen.
JB: well the podcast is with E Scott Jones – they just refer to the Peter Rollins interview (which is also very good)
JB: the E Scott Jones interview was a followup to a lecture he gave at Wake Forest. Hes a homosexual minister in OKC
JB: one of the hosts of the show (@chadcrawford) is a good friend of mine from college.
JB: do you think the marriage issue would “go away” if the govt quit giving special rights to married folks all together?
EP: i am for calling ALLcivil unions and those who want to get married in a church, gay or straight, can IF church wants to. You get over 1100
EP: federal rights being a heterosexual who is allowed to marry. We married in CA and r in legal limbo & have NOFederal rights. DOMAkeeps our
EP: marriage from being recognized in other states if the state does not have gay marriage legal. Marriage for straights and civil unions make
EP: gays separate but equal.
EP: Not all states offer us civil unions and those that do vary on the rights. We have to pay for attorneys to file legal paperwork that comes 2
EP: you as a married staright couple naturally and legally! i blog about all this stuff! JB: i think i agree with you. Civil Unions for the feds and marriage for churches to choose who they marry or wont. dont force a church to.
JB: and like you said – civil unions for everyone. not just LGBT. no special fed rights for being married.
EP: YES! That was the lie about Prop 8 that churches would be forced to marry gays and be in trouble for preaching against it. Why Rick Warren
EP: pick by Obama hurt our community so much. It felt like a slap in the face when we were already knocked down by prop 8 passage.
JB: gotcha. well i was reading Gen 15-23 today and thought i’d chat with you a bit about my questions. thanks for sharing!
EP: anytime and THANK YOU for making the time to get to know me! )
JB: sure thing! i hope we can get you on our podcast sometime soon. i think thomas may be contacting you about it b4 too long
JB: and keep that promise. if i say things not in love or grace about anyone – call me on it!
EP: COOL! i would love to contribute! Thomas has become a dear friend who has ALWAYSbeen loving and inclusive to me. We have never met in person
EP: YET! He is a lovely guy and also love his wife too. How did you 2 get connected?
JB: we “met” back in 05 or 06 through our blogs and found numerous common interests and just continued our friendship
EP: Cool! We met same way about 3 or 4 years ago. What a neat soul!
JB: yes. and if you can get that interview with Rollins or have other things you’d like to submit for our podcast feel free
EP: will do! Thanks!

Thanks again to Adele for taking the time to share and your willingness to chat! Look forward to carrying on the conversation!

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