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Bulletproof Faith: A Review

October 19, 2010


She is not the other side of the issue! The woman had approached our group, about twenty of us, as we held a silent vigil outside a concert hall in Columbia, South Carolina.  She began to yell at us, wagging her finger, one hand on her hip. “God hates you!” she cried at the top […]

Home Again, Home Again – Reflection on Queermergent’s 1 Year Anniversary

January 18, 2010


Home Again, Home Again – Reflection on Queermergent’s 1 Year Anniversary BY Jules It has been said before how I personally left the conversation (most know it as Emergent/gence), but I think it is important to highlight one thing that may have been over looked. My re-entrance to the conversation was truly marked by finding […]

The QueerFactor: The Unexpected Conversation At Christianity21

October 26, 2009


The QueerFactor: The Unexpected Conversation At Christianity21 BY Jules We all sat there wiggling our seats.  My twitter was going crazy and my mind was racing.  I kept thinking, “do I get up and leave?  This wasn’t part of the plan here.”  There it was on the screen blaring in our faces.  One tweet from […]

Where Do You Start?

July 13, 2009


Where Do You Start? BY Jules Where do you start a love story?  Not the typical love on where boy meets girl, girl meets girl, or boy meets boy.  Not the love story of boy meets Abba or girl meets Abba either.  Although that story is part of it.  But this love story is about […]