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So You’re Cisgender – What does this mean for your life?

May 24, 2010


So You’re Cisgender – What does this mean for your life? BY Micah & Brian Micah: As a young man who is relatively open about my transgender status, I get asked a lot of questions from cisgender people. Many, if not all, of those folks are well-meaning, and earnestly want to know more so they […]


February 8, 2010


Sermon given by: Drea Nelson and Shay T.L. Kearns preached: March 9, 2008 SECTION ONE DREA: I would like to begin this morning with a moment of silence for the recent murders of queer people.  I don’t know if there were more in February than usual or if the media covered them more therefore allowing […]

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

November 20, 2009


HT to Straight, Not Narrow for reminding me about it being Transgender Day Of Remembrance TODAY! Let’s remember our Trans brothers and sisters! They are an integral part of our community. Adele _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the International Transgender Day of Rememberance web site. Click on the link for more information. The Transgender Day of Remembrance was […]

The QueerFactor: The Unexpected Conversation At Christianity21

October 26, 2009


The QueerFactor: The Unexpected Conversation At Christianity21 BY Jules We all sat there wiggling our seats.  My twitter was going crazy and my mind was racing.  I kept thinking, “do I get up and leave?  This wasn’t part of the plan here.”  There it was on the screen blaring in our faces.  One tweet from […]