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Spirit Day

October 20, 2010


In memory of the recent suicide victims as a result of ANTI-GAY BULLYING, which MUST STOP!   Advertisements

Atheist’s Challenge: Christians, Show Your Support for LGBTQ Rights!

July 27, 2010


Atheist’s Challenge: Christians, Show Your Support for LGBTQ Rights! By Tina Ciampa “The Friendly Atheist” has some words for Christians who support LGBTQ equality- DO something, or you’re part of the problem. Popular blogger & author, Hemant Mehta, issued his challenge in response to the internet buzz surrounding Christians who attended a Gay Pride Parade […]

Lisa Larges’ Scruples

November 16, 2009


If you have not already heard, Lisa Larges, an openly gay woman, was FINALLY ordained approved for  ordination in San Francisco in the Presbyterian Church after 20 years. Afterward, a woman, who disagrees with her ordination, received enough signatures that can delay her actual ordination another 18 months. WHY anyone puts up with this shit […]

Camp Courage Sacramento

November 6, 2009


Saddened and angry about the anti-equalitty vote in Maine on Tuesday but excited about the progress we made in Kalamazoo and Washington state, i am REALLY excited to be participating in the following grassroots training this weekend. i really want to be an active participant in seeing marriage equality restored in California. If you are […]

on covananted same gender relationships

July 29, 2009


on covananted same gender relationships BY Drew Tatusko Originally Posted at Notes From Off Center on July 28, 2009 The Civil Union and Christian Marriage Committee of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has asked for responses pursuant to their mandate to study “the history of the laws governing marriage and civil union, including current policy debates; […]

Questions and Response to a Fundamentalist

February 10, 2009


Questions and Response to a Fundamentalist BY Tennessee James of Tennessee James Blog For two and a half years I sat quietly as you spoke about my gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied brothers and sisters. I listened as you told thousands of young adults that it is alright to point fingers and pass […]