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Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 5: ‘Claiming To Know Christ…So Unloving…’

August 2, 2011


NOTE: Adele is now a full-on AGNOSTIC now but still believes those in the Queer community who desire to have a place at the table are worth fighting for and she will do all in her power to see that accomplished! ______________________________________________________________________________________________   Peter says this, ‘In this 5th segment of my interview with Adele, […]

Sophia Series Session 7: Adele Sakler (N.C.O.Edition)

October 9, 2010


Phil Shepherd aka the Whiskey Preacher is a straight ally who interviewed Queermergent’s own Adele Sakler aka Existential Punk for his latest Sophia Series Podcast, the (National Coming Out Edition)! You can check out Adele’s interview on the Whiskey Preacher’s website by clicking here or when it becomes available on iTunes here. Thanks for tuning […]

Living Outside Of The Closet

October 8, 2010


Phil Shepherd aka the Whiskey Preacher is a straight ally who has created this youtube video of himself interviewing the coming out story of his friend Becky who is apart of Phil’s faith community The Eucatastrophe in Fort Worth, TX. Becky and Phil both hope and pray that Becky’s story can bring encouragement to those […]

Sermon on The Bleeding Woman

August 17, 2009


The Bleeding Woman BY Nadia Bolz-Weber There were a lot of things and people in the time of Jesus that were considered unclean.  The list is long and found, not surprisingly,  in Leviticus.  To be unclean means that you are unfit to enter into the temple.  To be unclean is to be unholy and therefore […]

Gay as Post-Orthodox? Who do they think they are kidding!

July 27, 2009


Gay as Post-Orthodox?  Who do they think they are kidding! By Queerbrit To the dismay of many, we are now seeing a reaction against progressive expressions of Christianity that seek to be inclusive.  New alliances are building up in many church traditions including Anglicanism.  Last week Bishop Nazar Ali, the Anglican Bishop of Rochester of […]

The Art of Love – One Son’s Story

April 20, 2009


The Art of Love – One Son’s Story BY Nick I think I knew I was gay for sure around my junior or senior year of high school. I use the word “think” because I had doubts and I tried to tell myself something different for years.  I kept it a secret and tried to […]

From Homophobe to Straight Ally – Part 4

March 30, 2009


From Homophobe to Straight Ally – Part 4 BY Hugh Hollowell This is the fourth and final post in a four part series in which Hugh Hollowell shares his journey from homophobe to straight ally. We will publish one part of his story each week, so you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed […]