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Sophia Series Session 7: Adele Sakler (N.C.O.Edition)

October 9, 2010


Phil Shepherd aka the Whiskey Preacher is a straight ally who interviewed Queermergent’s own Adele Sakler aka Existential Punk for his latest Sophia Series Podcast, the (National Coming Out Edition)! You can check out Adele’s interview on the Whiskey Preacher’s website by clicking here or when it becomes available on iTunes here. Thanks for tuning […]

Uncle Tony and Aunt David

May 10, 2010


Uncle Tony and Aunt David BY Travis Mamone Certain names have been changed. When my dad found out I was a Christian, he asked me if I was okay with my Uncle Tony being gay. I never had a problem with my uncle before my conversion; Uncle Tony is one of the nicest guys in […]

Learning To Hate And Hope

March 29, 2010


Learning To Hate And Hope BY Tad DeLay Growing up, I was uber-Right wing; then I matured some. I’m an Arkansan; I’m not that southern. I thought the Bible had the words “homosexual” and “hell” in it; then I learned some Greek. I thought the Bible gave lots of really clear answers on everything from […]

Ugandan Homosexuality Bill

December 11, 2009


Hello Outlaws … it’s Pastor Nar. I am in the process of recording an episode of the Losing My Religion podcast that speaks directly to the Ugandan Homosexuality Bill. I am asking all Outlaws to add their voice – literally – against this human rights atrocity. All you have to do is call my Google […]

on covananted same gender relationships

July 29, 2009


on covananted same gender relationships BY Drew Tatusko Originally Posted at Notes From Off Center on July 28, 2009 The Civil Union and Christian Marriage Committee of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has asked for responses pursuant to their mandate to study “the history of the laws governing marriage and civil union, including current policy debates; […]

Gay as Post-Orthodox? Who do they think they are kidding!

July 27, 2009


Gay as Post-Orthodox?  Who do they think they are kidding! By Queerbrit To the dismay of many, we are now seeing a reaction against progressive expressions of Christianity that seek to be inclusive.  New alliances are building up in many church traditions including Anglicanism.  Last week Bishop Nazar Ali, the Anglican Bishop of Rochester of […]

The A Team

May 11, 2009


The A Team BY Rachel Swan No, I am not talking about the show, even though it was quite awesome (and looking at this photo, ummmmm, hello). I am talking about the “A” in GLBTQIA. Allies. Along the side of my blogroll over there, there is a section dedicated to the A’s. A hetrosexual (straight) […]