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Learning To Hate And Hope

March 29, 2010


Learning To Hate And Hope BY Tad DeLay Growing up, I was uber-Right wing; then I matured some. I’m an Arkansan; I’m not that southern. I thought the Bible had the words “homosexual” and “hell” in it; then I learned some Greek. I thought the Bible gave lots of really clear answers on everything from […]

Sexual Identity & Faith

March 5, 2010


Sexual Identity & Faith from Phil Shepherd on Vimeo. Sexual Identity & Faith by Phil Shepherd This vidcast features a conversation on sexual identity and faith. I dialogued with two open homosexuals who are apart of our faith community that I co-pastor called the Eucastrophe ( as well as a fellow minister and friend of […]

A Manifesto! The Time Has Come!

March 1, 2010


A Manifesto! The Time Has Come! BY John Shelby Spong _______________________________________________________________ i received this Manifesto in my e-newsletter from Mel White’s ministry, Soulforce. i found it to be a powerful statement by a great ally to our community. Some of Mr. Spong’s books was an integral part of my journey in coming to terms with […]