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Why Marriage Matters

March 2, 2009


Why Marriage Matters By Magenta I used to think gay marriage wasn’t really an issue – definitely the right to civil unions was important, the ability to contract with one another as straight couples do, and reap the appropriate benefits – but not marriage per se. After all, God’s approval and blessing doesn’t depend on […]

Ted Haggard’s Conflict

January 31, 2009


Ted Haggard’s Conflict By Adele Sakler Even though i do not always agree with Andrew Sullivan, i still love his writing and perspective. He often challenges me, which is a good thing, even if i don’t rightly admit it! Today i found a beautiful commentary by him on the Ted Haggard saga and really resonated […]

An Open Letter To Our Oppressors

January 27, 2009


i am a Christ-follower who has been through Reparative (Conversion) Therapy and ex-gay ministries, survived, AND lived to tell about the lies and atrocities thrown on normal, everyday people who happen to be attracted to the same sex rather than the opposite sex. We have been made out to be sex-crazed child molesters who are […]

A chat with @existentialpunk

January 15, 2009


This is re-posted here with permission from Jonathan D. Blundell, who blogs at Stranger in a Strange Land. Jonathan originally just had some questions as a way of starting a conversation with me and an attempt to get to know me better. We met on Twitter and instantly connected. Jonathan states on his blog his […]