Further Thoughts

Posted on January 24, 2009


As this blog is developing and i am processing incoming comments, which have ranged from the sublime to the downright mean-spirited, i am inclined to say this. i alone started this blog as a safe space for those Christians who are from the LGBTQ community who want to discuss our faith in an emerging church context with one another and with those HONESTLY seeking to know and understand us.

i will NOT tolerate people coming to this blog preaching ‘in the name of love and grace’ by telling us we are on slippery slopes, going to hell if we remain unrepentant, and that we are NOT real Christians because we are queer. People like that are free to their views and have other venues to voice those opinions and views. THIS BLOG IS NOT THAT SPACE! We know your circular arguments and are reasons many have left the church and to some degree, the faith. GO ELSEWHERE and be at peace there.

i will still continue to moderate comments of dissenting views on an individual basis. We know what people speaking against us say and have heard it all before. This blog is not a place to harass and harangue people who are really trying to have open and honest conversations. The LGBTQ community of faith or people who support us would rather not be demonized and i am putting a stop to it.

So, all you detractors and fellow people of faith who feel the need to preach your interpretation of ‘truth’ to us, we know what you say, how you feel, how you interpret the Bible, and what you believe. Now, go back to your own blogs and converse amongst yourselves there. We do not welcome you here as we believe there is more than one narrow minded interpretation of Scripture. We just have to simply agree to disagree. You all have your spaces, so leave us alone to have our space and leave it between G-D and us.

Blessings and Peace!


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