Queer Re-Emerging

Posted on February 3, 2009


Queer Re-Emerging
By Tony Hoshaw of Queer Messages

Diana Butler-Bass, while lecturing at McCormick Days 2008, offered a term I feel applies to certain trends in the Church: re-emerging. Among those realities re-emerging in our day is the “queer” nature of the Christian tradition.

The first step to recovery, so to speak, is admitting the reality. Those who oppose queer persons or practices that may be termed queer, that is, those persons or practices that do not embody or represent the ideology of absolute heterosexuality, have won. The anti-queer forces have succeeded in convincing many people that there is nothing queer about God or the Gospels, etc. Thus queer theology, persons, or practices may seem like they are emerging out of nothing; that is, queer realities may feel new, innovative.

The fact of the matter, however, is that queer persons or practices emerged sometime ago. Queer = old. Absolute heterosexuality, the notion that God requires heterosexuality of all people, is an absolutely new, admittedly innovative, oppressive strategy. Thankfully, the gracious God is still speaking; that is, the gracious God remains with the people of God. And it is the fecund God who is awakening many of us to an old – a terribly ancient – reality: Queer describes that way of being funded by Jesus Christ.

Posts should be short – that is a general blogging rule. So I will pause here. I will elaborate upon this brief sketch in future posts. Peace, readers.


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