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Christianity 21 Roundup: a few thoughts from backstage

November 3, 2009


Christianity 21 Roundup: a few thoughts from backstage BY Rachel Swan ___________________________________________________________________________ This post appeared originally at Rachel’s blog, The Sweet Bi and Bi, on October 17, 2009 and has been cross-posted here with Rachel’s permission. ___________________________________________________________________________ Last week in an unlikely place of beauty—Edina, MN, known for its wealth and whiteness—a whole bunch of […]

The A Team

May 11, 2009


The A Team BY Rachel Swan No, I am not talking about the show, even though it was quite awesome (and looking at this photo, ummmmm, hello). I am talking about the “A” in GLBTQIA. Allies. Along the side of my blogroll over there, there is a section dedicated to the A’s. A hetrosexual (straight) […]