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Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 7

September 6, 2011


Peter says, ‘Here, Adele shares more of her painful experiences with ex-gay ministries, how she attended Pat Robertson’s Regent University (TRULY!), and how these experiences nearly led her to suicide…’ Advertisements

Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 6: ‘Is There Any Gray Here?’

August 30, 2011


Peter says, ‘In this segment, Adele is INCREDIBLY patient and tolerant with me as I dig into possibilities of gray area in a subject that is so deeply personal to her. Please understand that I would NOT ask these questions in casual conversation with someone who didn’t already have some relational foundation with me. It’s […]

Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 5: ‘Claiming To Know Christ…So Unloving…’

August 2, 2011


NOTE: Adele is now a full-on AGNOSTIC now but still believes those in the Queer community who desire to have a place at the table are worth fighting for and she will do all in her power to see that accomplished! ______________________________________________________________________________________________   Peter says this, ‘In this 5th segment of my interview with Adele, […]

‘Sometimes It’s Really Fucking Hard!’ Queer & Christian Conversation 3

February 22, 2010


Ongoing conversation with my friend Peter…

Adele: “I came to peace with God…” – Conversation 4

February 4, 2010


I think you’ll really enjoy my ongoing conversation with Peter…

Peter & Me: Discussing Queer & Christian – Part Deux!

February 4, 2010


In this segment, i continue to discuss coming to terms with my sexuality, and how that impacted my faith and view of God. We also discuss how a postmodern worldview may lead to recognizing one’s imperfect conception of reality, and how that actually creates room for a new and more humble attitude toward truth…

Peter & Adele: Conversations On Queer & Christian – Part 1

January 16, 2010


On my recent trip to Oregon, my dear friend, Peter Walker, and i made a video of our conversation about being Queer and Christian. Peter is editing them and we are posting them in a series of short clips. Here is Part 1: