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Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 7

September 6, 2011


Peter says, ‘Here, Adele shares more of her painful experiences with ex-gay ministries, how she attended Pat Robertson’s Regent University (TRULY!), and how these experiences nearly led her to suicide…’ Advertisements

Adele & Peter: Queer & Christian: Conversation 6: ‘Is There Any Gray Here?’

August 30, 2011


Peter says, ‘In this segment, Adele is INCREDIBLY patient and tolerant with me as I dig into possibilities of gray area in a subject that is so deeply personal to her. Please understand that I would NOT ask these questions in casual conversation with someone who didn’t already have some relational foundation with me. It’s […]

Sophia Series Session 7: Adele Sakler (N.C.O.Edition)

October 9, 2010


Phil Shepherd aka the Whiskey Preacher is a straight ally who interviewed Queermergent’s own Adele Sakler aka Existential Punk for his latest Sophia Series Podcast, the (National Coming Out Edition)! You can check out Adele’s interview on the Whiskey Preacher’s website by clicking here or when it becomes available on iTunes here. Thanks for tuning […]

Living Outside Of The Closet

October 8, 2010


Phil Shepherd aka the Whiskey Preacher is a straight ally who has created this youtube video of himself interviewing the coming out story of his friend Becky who is apart of Phil’s faith community The Eucatastrophe in Fort Worth, TX. Becky and Phil both hope and pray that Becky’s story can bring encouragement to those […]

Father Figure

July 20, 2010


Father Figure By Robert Moore When you think of a Father, you see a man with hairy arms, broad chest and grease on his hands. Or perhaps you see him as a well dressed man who spends most of his time in the office, suit, tie, and the whole nine yards. Perhaps you see a […]

Learning To Hate And Hope

March 29, 2010


Learning To Hate And Hope BY Tad DeLay Growing up, I was uber-Right wing; then I matured some. I’m an Arkansan; I’m not that southern. I thought the Bible had the words “homosexual” and “hell” in it; then I learned some Greek. I thought the Bible gave lots of really clear answers on everything from […]

‘Sometimes It’s Really Fucking Hard!’ Queer & Christian Conversation 3

February 22, 2010


Ongoing conversation with my friend Peter…