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The Outlaw Preachers (Re)Union

October 8, 2010


The Outlaw Preachers are having a Re-Union.  And you should come. The Outlaw Preachers are a diverse group of friends who love to passionately share the love and grace of the Gospel.  I’ve gotten to know most of the organizing group and consider them good friends.  It’s in Memphis in December, and its incredibly cheap.  […]

Transgender Folks in Christianity

June 29, 2010


Transgender Folks in Christianity Hello Queermergent! This is the second post in a series about transgender issues. Brian already laid some great framework for this conversation here, so if you’re just joining in, that might be a great place for you to start. One of the most common things to come up as I’m talking […]

RIP Gideon Addington

December 17, 2009


About a half hour ago i received an email from Emergent Village about the suicide last Friday Saturday of fellow Tweep Gideon Addington aka @gideony. i spoke with him a little bit on Twitter, but really did not know him all that well. What i do know about him was that he was an inspiration […]

Commenting Policy

January 21, 2009


i have received a number of comments that have been inappropriate for this conversation. These comments will NOT be posted. If you do not have anything helpful to further the conversation along, the comments will NOT be posted and will be DELETED, as i have comment moderation enacted on this blog. Honest questions are welcome […]

Queermergent Ethos

January 15, 2009


i am very new to Word Press and not sure why a link to the About Page, which i call Ethos, is not a showing up on the main page. So i am including it here: Why and What is Queermergent? Queermergent  is a play on the words Queer and Emergent. Queermergent is a place […]