i Am Queer & An American Citizen

Posted on July 19, 2011


This poem i wrote this in my Women’s Healing Arts Poetry class and was inspired by Langston Hughes poem, ‘I, Too, Sing America’.

i Am Queer & An American Citizen

by Adele Sakler

i am an American citizen.

i am the queer citizen.

They tell me i’m a 2nd-class citizen

by the way they take my rights away

by mob majority votes.

i laugh in the face of adversity as

i keep up the fight,

though i get weary

Will tomorrow bring freedom

and equality

Like it did for women and African Americans?

One day i will be a first-class citizen, equal and on par

with every other law-abiding, tax paying citizen.

Nobody will keep this queer American down!

Copyright 10 February 2010 by Adele L. Sakler

All Rights Reserved


Adele Sakler currently resides in Sacramento, California with her partner, and their cute Tibetan Spaniel named Mushu. She suffers from, and is in treatment for, Chronic Lyme Disease, a few other Tick-Borne diseases and Heavy Metal Toxicity. She considers herself at this point in her journey an Agnostic because she just can’t seem to sign on the dotted line and ascribe to all the doctrines and long-held man-made traditions of Christendom any longer.

Adele has been an “out” queer woman for over three years. Her involvement with the emerging church and Emergent Village has filled the better part of 10 years. She blogs at http://www.existentialpunk.com/ and is the creator and site administrator for http://www.queermergent.com/.

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