Queermergent is a combination of two entities: 1. A public blog created by Adele Sakler for those who identify as LGBTQ or straight who are into queer theology, philosophy, politics and the emerging church and 2. a Ning, which is a private site for public and private discussion, debate and networking for those who are gay or straight who are into queer theology, philosophy, politics and the emerging church.  If you are interested in joining the PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL Ning Community, please contact Adele Sakler aka Existential Punk at sushichic (AT) earthlink (DOT) net. She will put you in contact with the Queermergent Ning site administrator.

We hope that this site develops as an ‘invite only’ safe space for LGBTQ persons involved in the emerging church to network and plan for an international gathering. As some on this list work within traditional church structures, we do ask for confidentiality regarding this site and its content.

Initial discussions have been favourable concerning an international gathering of gay people involved or interested in the Emerging church.  So far, we have suggested that this be held at a reconciliation centre in Northern Ireland.

We have discussed the need to include partners in such a gathering, catering with those ‘of and no’ faith. We have also discussed the need for it to balance dialogue with spirituality and rest. It is hoped that those attending will help shape its form and themes over the coming months through discussion on the Ning forum. Please note – details of this particular gathering will not be advertised publicly beyond the Ning site to protect the privacy of those attending.

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