Sexual Identity & Faith

Posted on March 5, 2010


Sexual Identity & Faith from Phil Shepherd on Vimeo.

Sexual Identity & Faith

by Phil Shepherd

This vidcast features a conversation on sexual identity and faith. I dialogued with two open homosexuals who are apart of our faith community that I co-pastor called the Eucastrophe ( as well as a fellow minister and friend of mine who is also queer inclusive. You can find out more on my personal stance of homosexuality by going to and you will find a four part article that lays out my journey dealing with homosexuality as a minister.

Go here to watch this very important video.


Whis – key Preach – er (noun) an outlaw preacher who unashamedly loves his curvaceous wife, preaches a restoration theology (we are made a good creation), cusses, smokes, and partakes in various different kinds of whiskey.

What you should know about me…This is a loaded question and I don’t always posses the proper barometer in how much people really want to know when they ask this question about me. However, since this where I blog, create my vidcasts and podcasts, I figure that we might as well get acquainted a little with each other. If you have the desire/inkling/passion/smarts to hire me to come to teach/speak/consult/fuck with your faith community please go to where you can see a list of the 15 years of my ministry experience as well as some PG-rated teaching examples. Or you can email me by clicking here for more info.

Now back to our program…I am a proud husband, mourning son, stubborn brother, uncle to teenagers, co-pastor/church planter/communal architect of the Eucastrophe, Alaskan Grown, Texan transplant, restoration theologian, queer inclusive, outlaw preacher, friend of emergent, third cousin of Johnny Cash, writer, speaker, consultant, paranormal investigator, hater of human trafficking, foul-mouthed (when appropriate), tattoo lover, cigar smoker, and connoisseur of various whiskies…I am the Whiskey Preacher.

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