The A Team

Posted on May 11, 2009


The A Team

BY Rachel Swan

No, I am not talking about the show, even though it was quite awesome (and looking at this photo, ummmmm, hello).


I am talking about the “A” in GLBTQIA. Allies. Along the side of my blogroll over there, there is a section dedicated to the A’s. A hetrosexual (straight) ally loosely defined by its wiki:

Straight ally is a colloquial term that describes a heterosexual person who supports equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBT social movements. Usually, a straight ally is inclusive of various diversity, and may have many gay and lesbian friends.

This morning I was reminded again (reading this post and comments) why these folks are so critical in the larger coming out picture. I believe it is as  important, perhaps more, for a straight ally to come out as it is for a queer person to come out. Why? You give us voice. You are the “other” who moves across the isle and can give credibility to a minority (they say about 10% of an ‘average’ population is queer), a people who when they say something just hear more and more of the same; things like “Why do you keep asking for special rights?” and “*eyeroll* There they go again, just beating the same ol’ drum.” No matter how we spin the message, eventually we all sound a little like the teacher in a Peanuts special.

This, the rights and responsibilities for GLBTQI people, is not about special rights. It is about human rights. It is about love. And for me, it is about expanding and widening G-d’s Kingdom to include all.

Allies, will you come out, and speak out? (and let me know if I can add you to my blogroll)


just-rachelMy name is Rachel. I am a child of G-d, failing and hopeful. I am the beloved of ‘Ratchet’ who is mostly referred to as Sweetie. I am a motherless daughter with an amazing family full of siblings, nieces, a nephew, father and step-mother, wonderful in-laws, a kitty Tigger, and a gaggle of queers.
I have worked in Lutheran and Episcopal churches as well as their middle management offices aka the office of the Bishop. I used to work in restaurants, and find that the link between the two worlds is much smaller than most people would assume.
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