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Posted on January 21, 2009


i have received a number of comments that have been inappropriate for this conversation. These comments will NOT be posted. If you do not have anything helpful to further the conversation along, the comments will NOT be posted and will be DELETED, as i have comment moderation enacted on this blog. Honest questions are welcome but preaching and spewing scripture in a an obnoxious way will not be tolerated. If you vehenmently disagree, fine, but there are other places for you to express these views. THIS space is a safe place for honest dialogue and conversation between those in the LGBTQ community, our allies, and those seeking to engage us in an honest manner.


21 January 2009

Today i received this comment from Z-Man that has me reconsidering posting negative comments on a case-by-case basis for strategic purposes. PLEASE do NOT get involved in endless tit-for-tat that goes nowhere.

Here’s Z-Man’s comment:

I understand the need to have these guidelines. I was reading a comment thread yesterday where a gay man was being shredded to pieces by proof-texters.

At the same time, consider what you may lose here. When MLK and others marched or sat, they drew the ire of bigots who responded with violence. A violence that exposed the wrongness of their posture over time…though many suffered and endured it.

You may want to approve some vicious comments strategically and let them stand on their own, while encouraging supporters like me to resist getting tangled up with them in endless cycles argument and tit-for-tat rhetoric.

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